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Commitment to Excellence

USCB America distinguishes itself from the industry with over 300+ years of combined executive management experience yielding vast healthcare knowledge, market familiarity, and industry expertise. To “Be the Solution” is our USCB Mantra. To be the solution to anything, you must do what you say you will do. Therein lies the essence of USCB. Strategy, planning, and execution are the pillars which have made USCB a valuable partner to clients for over a century.

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Partnering with USCB, you can expect:

  • A custom-tailored approach to suit your organization’s needs
  • A continued commitment to customer service
  • A trusted and proven business partner (Demonstrated Experience)
  • Assurance and Continuity, over 100 years in business
  • Financially secured Employee Owned Organization
  • Financially successfully situated to continue to invest technology and AI
  • Sophisticated and Advanced IT Capabilities
  • Commitment to a Positive Patient Experience
  • Seamless Project Implementation and Transition to USCB
  • Industry First Compliance Practices
  • Advanced Scoring and Dialing Techniques
  • Unmatched Data Security
  • Brand Protection
  • Operational Transparency

Key attributes included in each partnership placing USCB “a cut above” the industry competition:

  • Full Revenue Cycle services, under one Company umbrella
  • National footprint servicing 250+ Health Systems and Hospitals across 25 states
  • No Outsourcing – Enabling close-quarter management and quality control
  • Client partnerships averaging 30 years or longer through collaboration, loyalty, longevity, transparency and true commitment to excellence
  • Dedicated Teams assigned to each client and each project – lean project hierarchy and laser focus design for optimal performance
  • Custom support and flexibility – specific, and urgent adaption to client needs and ad hoc reporting capabilities
  • State of the art technology and portfolio strategies lending for maximizing of receivables recovery, trend analytics, and automation of best practices
  • Complete, fully customizable, and client-branded Medical Financial Assistance Automation (Caritas360), including data storage, information collection, processing application, quick adjudication, and client system update
  • Direct and continuous Client Services Support
  • In-house Audit and Compliance Departments
  • Superior and proven results, cash flow acceleration, comprehensive performance analysis and trending
  • In-house programmers and IT Department
  • In-house General Counsels
  • Compliance and Security Officers
  • USCB’s own lobbyist in Sacramento California for important and pertinent information regarding legislation for all aspects in the healthcare industry