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Customer Service Call Center

100% U.S. based call center solutions are ideal for ensuring your patients have access to knowledgeable USCB representatives who are ready to provide them with immediate assistance when they need it.

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In most instances, nothing represents your company’s missions, visions, and values better than your customer service department. Most other industries have known for years that the secret to client retention starts and ends with a complete and positive call-center solution that is ready to assist them at the time they are seeking help, not just during regular 8-5 business hours. Healthcare providers, similarly, have begun to realize that their public image and the level of customer service they provide to their patients directly impacts both public opinion and their bottom line.

USCB’s Call Center Solutions can assist your organization in a multitude of ways including:

  • Customer service support
  • Self-Pay Early Out Collections
  • Bad Debt Recoveries and Solutions
  • Pre-Service Financial Clearance
  • Patient Financial Assistance Application process and Charity Care
  • Insurance Billing status, explanation of EOBs, and Follow-Up
  • Payer update
  • Credit Balance resolution
  • Claim Management
  • Provider and Member Inquiries
  • And, much more…

Communication Needs

Your patient population is diverse, and as such, your communication methods must match the diversity. USCB offers a variety of different communications capabilities to ensure nobody is left behind, for instance:

  • Inbound and Outbound Telephonic Support
  • Virtual Queue Callback
  • Chat
  • Email
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • SMS Support
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Overflow Solutions

USCB provides call overflow solutions for those organizations that are seeking additional help to improve the ongoing preservation of their call center. Whether it’s after-hour support, day-specific spikes in inbound calls, additional call support campaigns, or just backup to support employee turnover, USCB can become an extension of your organization whenever you need it.

USCB’s Overflow Solutions allow your organization to get the support it needs while assisting your staff in a multitude of ways and giving you the time necessary to refocus your staff. More specifically:

  • Reducing – unattended call – abandonment rates
  • Eliminating repeat calls
  • Improving the patient experience with post-call surveys
  • Time for your staff training or retraining
  • Calling patients with broken payment arrangements
  • Special priority outbound campaign handling
  • Returning patient calls
  • And, much more…
Whatever your needs are, USCB will be able to support your organization’s goals while ensuring your patients are getting the necessary attention and focus they deserve.