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Full Revenue Cycle Systems

USCB can provide proven solutions to modernize and improve the entire revenue cycle process, placing your organization at the top of the healthcare industry. With the abundance of changing security and compliance risks, skill gaps for employees, daily technology advancements, and declining receivables, it’s not hard to see why so many hospitals and health systems are struggling to keep up. USCB can help transform your organization’s outdated or stale revenue cycle system into a dynamic platform that will allow you to increase receivables while also increasing overall patient satisfaction.

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Areas of Expertise include:

  • Patient Services
  • Compliance and Security
  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation across the revenue cycle
  • Data Analytics
  • Improvement of the Patient Experience
  • Surveys
  • A la carte, or a Complete Suite Revenue Cycle Solutions

Like all of our current clients, your partnership with USCB begins with a free initial consultation where we’ll be able to provide you with more information on some of our capabilities. We’ll also help you determine what works best while narrowing down some of the options available in the industry today that will yield the best results for your organization.

Still unsure about our capabilities? No problem. Let us put you in touch with some of our current clients who can give you a little insight as to what the before and after looked like so you have a better understanding of what we’re capable of doing for you. We work with some of the largest healthcare systems, hospitals, academic medical centers, and physician groups in the country that can better illustrate how we were able to help them transform from out-of-date and broken into modernized and efficient.