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Insurance Billing & Claim Resolution

To ensure your revenue cycle stays on track, USCB can custom engineer a plan that’s right for your organization. We handle government, workers’ compensation, third-party, and commercial payers for all service lines you render and bill.

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A/R Conversion Management

USCB can assist in A/R conversion projects to help your team transition through complex billing system conversions. A popular option is to have our team work a portion of the existing A/R pre-conversion while your team is training on the new billing platform. Once converted, we can take over the rest of the legacy A/R while your team is focused 100% on getting new claims out the door.

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Denial Management & Appeals

USCB systematically pursues denied claims to make sure you receive proper reimbursement for the services you have provided. Our experts review contracts and denial data to stratify the inventory for an appropriate resolution, whether per claim or mass appeal. Based on our discoveries, we then work with your team to implement strategies that address future preventable denials.

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USCB America is an Extension of Your Business Office

Services include:

  • Authorization Confirmation
  • Retro Authorization Request
  • Claim Correction & Re-submission
  • Telephone and Web Follow-up
  • Payment Review/Underpayment Appeal
  • Adjustments
  • AR Control
  • Patient Balance
  • Credit Balance – Refund Process
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