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Our Mission

USCB America, a healthcare industry-leading Revenue Cycle Accounts Receivable Management service provider and a 100% employee-owned company, is committed to delivering superior results through:

  • Innovation, technology, and efficiency
  • Professional, ethical, authentic, and determined action
  • Employee culture, diversity, engagement, training and development
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Our mission is to be the solution.

The USCB mission is founded on commitment and dedication. At the core of our success is a proven, results-oriented focus on partnership.

Our Vision

To be accessible to serve healthcare providers nationwide in delivering honest, affordable, and proficient revenue cycle management solutions, and to help improve the patient experience with every contact made by a representative of USCB America.

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Our Values

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We will continue to pass down the patterns of ethical behaviors, beliefs, and customs that have been a part of our company since 1915.
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We will continue to create an environment where each person is treated with dignity while taking the time to be present, to listen, to explain, and to understand.
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While encouraging the values and the contribution of each person we strive to listen well, communicate openly and honestly, and encourage others to do the same.
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In all of our interactions we will be truthful, empathetic, consistent, and be responsible for follow through on the commitments we make.
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In managing the natural, human, and financial resources to which we have been entrusted we will act responsibly taking only actions that align with our mission while being accountable for our actions and the outcomes they produce.
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In constantly and consistently looking towards the future we will look beyond the challenges of the present and envision what is possible while embracing continuous learning, positive technological advancement, and reward innovation.