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The Patient Experience

Patient’s behaviors and expectations regarding their overall experience as it relates to your health system or facility can begin well before they become a patient. Future Patients review available options across the industry that include a myriad of searchable information including quality of care received, outcomes of procedures, awards and accreditation, and the revenue cycle process.

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USCB takes great pride in our reputation and track record within our industry. We know that when entering into a business partnership with your organization you’re handing us your reputation. As we do with all of our partners, your reflection within your community is at the forefront of every single patient interaction we have whether by phone or mail. Rest assured all of your patients will be treated with the respect and patience they deserve and will receive as much time as necessary with our representatives to thoroughly explain the details of their statements and the options available to them to resolve their accounts. We want their experience with USCB to be an extension of the great care they received while at your facility and ensure that you will continue to be their provider of choice for future services they or their family may require.

USCB ensures your patients will receive:

  • Clarity and a clear understanding of the process from start to finish.
  • Access to all of their data when they want it.
  • Meet the expectation that the data provided to them is up to date and accurate.

Providing Solutions to improve patient satisfaction:

  • Customized communication for patients to determine what outlet works best for their lifestyle and preference
  • A clear understanding of the process from start to finish
  • Transparency of that process and the options available to them
  • All information provided is up to date and accurate
  • A single, easy to understand, monthly statement
  • Tailored payment options for the best solution to the patient’s unique situation
  • Easy and immediate access to support and information from representatives that included convenience, transparency, and compassion