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Pre-Service Financial Clearance

Setting proper expectations out of the gate for a patient’s financial responsibility is critical to a successful pre-service financial clearance program. USCB will work with your patients on multiple fronts to ensure they have the necessary information they’ll need in order to properly prepare for the financial implications of what lies ahead. As we do with all of the services we provide for our clients and their patients, you can expect a positive and proactive interaction and overall experience with our PFC representatives and they assist your patient’s throughout the navigation of this process.

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This includes:

  • Payer Eligibility and Benefit Verification
  • Obtaining Payer Authorization
  • Payer Admission Notification
  • Patient Contact for completion of MSPQ
  • Payment Estimators
  • Pre-Service Collections
  • Providing necessary education of the process
  • Confirming Patient Data is accurate and Up to Date in Registration System

USCB’s goal is to ensure your patients are financially educated with the knowledge and assistance necessary to simplify the pre-service financial process from start to finish while securing reimbursement for the provider. With a proper road map and necessary education the patient be provided with, they’ll have the tools, assistance, and support necessary to navigate the process with confidence lending to an increase in patient overall satisfaction with your organization as a result of USCB’s efforts.

Benefits of a successful Pre-Service Financial Clearance program:

  • Improve overall collections
  • Reduce Denials
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction
  • Reduce Bad Debt
  • Accelerate Cash Flow
  • Increased Staff Productivity
  • Increased Patient Engagement