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Resource Staffing Solutions

Hospitals today are facing a continuous shortage of qualified personnel necessary to keep their operations running smoothly. Faced with the continuously daunting task of training their workforce to keep up with growing demands within healthcare, USCB can provide assistance through our Resource Staffing Solution. By way of our very extensive USCB University, we have developed a staffing solution to combat the constant churn of qualified employees and the shortages of both coverage and expertise necessary for healthcare providers to keep their revenue cycle functioning at the highest possible level.

Just like many of our solutions here at USCB, we can customize our staffing solution to fit your needs. Whether it’s full-time, part-time, special project, as needed, overflow support, or after hours support, USCB has the right solution to ensure both your patients and back-office operations will have the support necessary at the times when they need it.

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USCB can provide your organization with a free consultation and analysis to show you how our highly trained and efficient staff can assist your organization on both patient facing and back office operations in a solution that will help you achieve your objectives. Our detailed analysis will give you specifics and insights as to how our solution can reduce your costs while increasing your overall efficiency.

Let us show you how to move beyond constraints such as accreditation and geography, and present you with a solution that some of our business partners have been using successfully for years. Sustainable healthcare staffing requires a more creative mechanism to serve the growing needs of our partners. Start moving beyond the preconceived notions of what staffing is today and start thinking about what it could be for your organization tomorrow.