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USCB Corporate University

USCB wants to partner with our employees while giving them an opportunity to grow within our organization and to provide them with more than just a job, but a career path. Our people are the most important part of our organization which is why we place such an immense amount of time and energy to ensure we have their best interest and goals in mind, both today, and down the road.

The success of all of our employees, our clients, and our company are based not only on the knowledge we provide at the beginning of employment but even more importantly, throughout employment. We have training programs that are innovative, engaging and consistent so our employees have what they need to do their job well while producing within an environment that supports their growth.

USCB wants to empower our employees and develop critical skill sets to help assist our clients while also providing them opportunities for career advancement through the educational tools provided in our USCB Corporate University.

Our training department strives to support both corporate and employee goals. This has proven to be one of the cornerstones of our management philosophy and has been vital to both our reputation and our very long and successful history.